Juvae Jazz society

Decatur, Illinois

Ticket Orders

Mail Today to: Juvae Jazz Society
P.O. Box 2323 • Decatur, IL 62524

Name ________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City __________________________________________________

State ___________ Zip Code ____________________________

Telephone ____________________________________________

Reserve _____ Patron Tickets at $160.00 each

Your patron order must be received by January 10, 2016, for name to appear in the program. Please print individual names for above listing.

Order now to retain your same seating at Table No. _______ that you had in 2015. Table Requests will be honored if possible. Please indicate patrons with whom you wish to share a table.

Handicap accessibility at table? _____ YES

Please send non-patron single admission tickets to guarantee nonreserved seats for these sessions:

Friday Night _______ Tickets @ $35.00 each

Saturday Afternoon _______ Tickets @ $35.00 each

Saturday Night _______ Tickets @ $35.00 each

Sunday Afternoon _______ Tickets @ $30.00 each

Sunday Jazz Brunch _______ Tickets @ $20.00 each

(includes tax & gratuity)

Total amount enclosed for tickets: $ _____________________

As of 2014, the Sports Zone is a regular festival venue requiring a Patron Badge or ticket for admission on Friday and Saturday during the festival.

Enclose check or money order payable to Juvae Jazz Society (SORRY WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FOR TICKETS). NO REFUNDS FOR SESSION TICKETS. NO REFUNDS FOR PATRON CANCELLATIONS AFTER JANUARY 10, 2016. (There will be a $15.00 handling fee for refunds). After January 10th, all sales are final. If you are unable to attend the event for any reason, please retain your receipt as documentation for your possible tax-deductible contribution.
The Juvae Jazz Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Thank you for supporting the CIJF.

Please use other form for Hotel Reservations.
Ticket Information
Maggie 217-546-6091 or 217-454-2709
Phyllis – 217-877-4527
Email: maggieforjazz25@comcast.net