Why  Become A Member?

Individual Annual Membership: $25.00

Juvae Jazz Society membership does still have the festival mentality but we need to be realistic.  Three day festivals are slowly disappearing with the exception of really large population areas where the support, while it may be thinning, is still adequate.  The problems are myriad, from financial resources to a lessening  of attendance.  Times have changed; many people just do not have three day blocks to spend at anything.  So, how does Juvae compensate?  We mix and match and stir things around, doing some concerts in mini-fest form and others as single band three hour events.  The mini-fest has at least two bands plus some other activities such as the swing and cha-cha dance lessons during the September 2019 event.  The three hour events allow us to feature an assortment of different bands.  Come join us and see how this is the best of both worlds!

​​​​​Contributions Welcomed. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

Juvae Jazz society

Decatur, Illinois