Juvae Jazz society

Decatur, Illinois

Headliner band #1: Juvae has contracted Chicago Cellar Boys, a Chicago band with a lot of players whose names are very recognizable (can you say, Paul Asaro.)

Headliner band #2: Petra’s Recession Seven, also a Chicago band. Both these bands are hot on the Chicago scene; they have fairly permanent gigs, so don’t usually travel very far from home. Remaining time slots will be filled with some familiar talent very worth the time to listen. All that music will be followed by a free session of instruction on swing dancing, with two hours of swing music from 8-10 by a more local band with a strong following in the swing scene.

What you will NOT get at this event: the long drive to and from Chicago, high prices for food and fuel, difficulty finding expensive parking, exorbitant room prices should you decide to stay over, and the need to commute between venues to hear both these bands. Juvae has managed to corral them under one roof for your enjoyment. So SAVE THE DATE and watch for the more detailed advertising to start very soon!

Upcoming Event: