Juvae Jazz society

Decatur, Illinois

​Hello To All Jazz Festival Fans!
Juvae in July 2017

To really answer that headline question, let me quote from a poem written a long time ago by a retired Navy Admiral, entitled “The Laws of the Navy”.  One verse in particular stands out as applies to CIJF:  “When a ship that is tired returneth, the signs of the seas showing plain, men place her in dock for a season, and her speed she reneweth again.” 

That pretty well sums up the situation with the CIJF series for the moment.  There were a number of factors that, after much very serious discussion and heartfelt consideration, prompted the board of directors to agree there would be no CIJF 2018.  So does that mean the series is over, finite, done, aus gespielt?  No, it does not mean that at all.  What it does mean is that the Juvae board as a group needs to make some changes.  Over the past decade or so changes have happened to Juvae that did not have offsetting action taken by the group, changes that had sometimes subtle and sometimes more significant effects on CIJF as an entity.  As a result, we need to bring our operating activities up into this century.

We have started the update process as a group by recently attending a meeting directed toward Strategic Planning.  The goal is to better define the desired end result first, then discover the best means of getting there.  We need to figure out how to get Juvae and CIJF into the public eye, to get around the response many of us so frequently hear:  “Central Illinois Jazz Festival?  Is that that still going on?  I thought that was in Springfield” and myriad other similar comments.  It is a learning process, not always easily done, but very necessary. 

While that educational process is taking place, we intend to run some afternoon events in support of CIJF 2019 as well as to keep our name out there in public.  The first in that line is the Spicy Pickles on October 1 at DCCH, 2-5 PM.  This is a young band with a hot play list that will let us see that new dance floor DCCH has been telling us about.  We don’t have the promotional material ready quite yet but it will be out there soon.

In other activity, the board received the resignation of Seth Gault as Treasurer after a string of very supportive years in that position, not to mention storing our sound and light systems and the keyboard at his residence.  Our new Treasurer is Ken Cole, elected by unanimous ballot at the recent board meeting.  We are also in process of updating the bookkeeping process and will have an audit conducted to complete the transition.  While “audit” may sound bad to some ears, it is often a necessary report for grant applications.

Most likely come February next year we will wonder what to do with ourselves in lieu of a festival,  but the present transition is very necessary and to run a festival at the same time would not be a wise choice.  As a group we need to complete this process, and once renewed in our dedication and process, head toward CIJF 2019.

Best regards for the year ahead; wish us well on this journey.

Mike and Carol Jontry
Juvae Jazz Society of Decatur

Central Illinois Jazz Festival